Monday, August 20, 2012

My name is Cory Mann.  I'm a father of 4 beautiful girls who inspire and motivate my life.  I spent a childhood of sports, competitions, and always wanting to be the best.  I was a pretty dang good swimmer and had the "swimmers" body.  Then came marriage.....  I stopped swimming and started spending time with my new bride.  This of course led to an unfortunate consequence, weight gain.  I blew up to a very uncomfortable 280 pounds.  It is embarrassing and frustrating.  I have recently taken up the sport of cycling and mountain biking.  I have done this more out of pleasure and to hopefully loose some weight.  It worked here and there, my weight would fluctuate 20 lbs loss,  and then gain it back.  It's a vicious cycle.  So I needed a goal!  Originally it started out as a goal of a triathlon, I'm a great swimmer, and a good cyclist.  Only one problem, I find running to be one of the most boring, useless, uninspiring, exercises that I could possibly participate in.  So my commitment to this idea was half hearted at best.  I still needed a goal, something to motivate me.  Before I moved  from Chattanooga to Dallas, some buddies of mine had been discussing this idea of taking a Moab trip to mountain bike.  I think all of our talking was just a grown man's daydream to go play on our bikes.  However, I have decided this is the motivation I am going to use to get into some better shape and loose some weight.  So officially we are going to Moab on the final weekend of October.  I still sit at about 270lbs.  I intend to ride 800 miles in the two months before we go to Moab.  This equates to just about 100 miles a week.  So last saturday I did 30 miles, and today I did 18 miles, this leaves me with 752 miles more to go before Moab.  I'm gonna track my weight, my rides, my miles, and my experiences on this blog as I intend to loose 40lbs and ride 800 miles before our trip to Moab.  Check in to see my progress, video, and some great photos of the journey!

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